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Mini Midnight Anti-Theft Backpack (Mini)

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Mini Midnight Anti-Theft Backpack (Mini)


Mini Midnight Anti-Theft Backpack (Mini)


★★★★★ (394)

Pickpocketing is a global issue. Over 400,000 people become victims of pickpockets everyday. We DO NOT want you to become a victim, so we created the Anti-Theft Backpack.

Features of this Anti-theft High Spirit Backpack:

  • Complete Leather exterior

  • Water Resistant exterior will keep your stuff safe from the rainy weather.

  • Exterior compartments for water bottles and smaller items

  • Multiple compartments within the bag for smaller items such as your phone, keys, stationary etc

  • Features our patented anti-theft zipping system located behind the bag to keep your important items secure when bag is worn. This also protects your stuff from pickpockets while you travel

  • All access is from the back of the bag

  • Soft and padded interior to provide a soft housing for all your items placed within the bag. This prevents any damage to your valuable items inside of the bag

  • Sturdy and padded leather shoulder straps that are fully adjustable

  • Leather Quilted Back Panel

  • Durable shock absorbing base

  • A framed structure to keep bag's shape and to guard edges of bag if grazed on rough surfaces


Weight 0.2kg

  • LxWxH = 26 x 13.5 x 33cm

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Pippa K.                                         02/05/2019      

The quality of this bag is brilliant! I love the way it feels and it feels so comfortable. I’ll be wearing it to Burning Man in August! I cannot wait!


Alexis B.                                         17/04/2019      

I wore this bag at Tomorrowland Festival last year. I didn’t have to worry about my stuff getting stolen! The bag is so lightweight and looks even better in real life. I had a leave a review because this bag has lasted so long! Will be buying some more bags from you guys soon!!


Natalie.                                             13/04/2019      

I have been a victim of pickpocketing in the past and this bag has been a GOD SEND for me. Now I travel care free without having to wear my backpack on my chest.


Bethany L.                                           02/01/2019      

This bag is great especially if you are petite like me.


Christina A.                                          01/07/2019      

Very good customer service.