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The High Spirit story. Find out how a small innovation can make a big difference. 

High Spirit Bags prevents loss or theft of your possessions, particularly during your travels and in busy areas. This is made possible by simply repositioning the zip to the back of the bag, rather than the front.

My brother and I were brought up in Hackney, London. Life was great, we had parents that gave us the best and made sure that we were always all right. We did have a lot of hard times but we were taught to always be optimistic no matter what Life throws at you. Me and my brother have always been close and we have been through a lot together. We tend to look at Life as one big adventure! Sometimes we think we are twins because we think of certain things at the same time.

From a young age, we have always wanted to run our own business. I remember, my brother and I used to sell contact lenses to our friends at school and we were amazed at how much money we had made just by presenting a product that was in high demand to a large group of people. The profit we made enabled us to buy the latest games console and other cool stuff. At an early age we were quickly exposed to the benefits of running our own business.


Life is not about the destination. It’s about the journey. It’s also about being in the moment and enjoying every waking moment of your Life.


Fast forward to 2013 High Spirit Bags Ltd was founded after a trip to New York. Whilst in New York people kept warning us about pickpockets and it made us really paranoid. Throughout our whole trip we were constantly checking our backpacks to make sure our possessions were not stolen. While in the taxi we were having our random conversations and John came up with the idea of a stylish theft-proof bag, so people could enjoy travelling to the fullest without ever having to be worried about being a victim of pickpocketing. When we arrived back in London we protected our idea and founded High Spirit Bags Ltd as a lifestyle and travel accessories company in order to solve the problem of pickpocketing and bring the travel lifestyle /product to the World and..... here we are! :-) 

Our goal is to create unique and functional products that enable you to stay stylishly secure in your travels.

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