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A Labour of Love

Josh okungbaiye

All of our products have a story and we believe it is important for people to get a glimpse of the production process, because we feel it is something that is so easily forgotten and taken for granted.  

Having an idea is the easy part, but turning it into a real thing is the hard part. It is something that can’t be done alone; sometimes it takes the help of other wonderful and creative people to bring it to life.  It is truly amazing when everyone unites around a common vision. 

So much thought, hard work and workmanship goes into every product that we make and when we see a stranger on the bus, or the plane, or on the street wearing a High Spirit Bag we see it as a celebration and a true appreciation of our creativity and hard work. As people, sometimes we tend to forget where everything comes from and how they come into existence. We are so used to going to the supermarket or the shopping mall and suddenly seeing food and clothes on the shelves, readily available to be purchased. Sometimes we take for granted the effort behind all of this. It is important to try and stop and think about that product’s journey so you come to appreciate it that little bit more.  

Producing a product is truly a labour of love because it takes effort for someone to create a product to satisfy the needs and wants of others, no matter how difficult or challenging it may be.

Our customers are like family to us so we will always have them in my hearts and minds in everything that we do! 

By Josh :-)