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We have just gotta say this...

Josh okungbaiye

Every now and then we love to show people how things work behind the scenes at High Spirit. Making our bags in London is amazing because we get to be close to the action and it enables us to give our customers a real time update of how their bags are coming along in the manufacturing process. We love our home-grown manufacturing. Our bags are basically fresh from the machine. Lol!


Since collaborating with Helen Anderson to create the Anderz Backpack line, the response has been amazing. We want to Thank You and team that have worked hard on bringing this to Life!! We feel like we are bringing more sparkles, glitter and sunshine to our World and to people’s lives. It is also great to know that we are not the only unicorns and that there are many just like us. Although it has been a lot of hard work in getting everything perfect for our customers it has been worth it. So we’ll keep making safe and beautiful bags for you wonderful people.  :-)

Click the images for more information on the product. :-)

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

Backpacks are almost done.

Backpacks are almost done.

High Spirit X Helen Anderson Collaboration

Josh okungbaiye

Hi Lovely People! Some of you may already know, but we are glad to announce that we have launched a collaboration with the Amazing Helen Anderson. She has been a fan of our brand since day one and we are also huge fans of her and what she represents.  It has been a few months in the making, going back and forth over design, style, texture and all that stuff! We just wanted to create the perfect mini backpack for you all. :-)

Helen is a true creative who is full of wild and colourful ideas and we wanted to capture all of that in the High Spirit and Helen Anderson backpack collaboration. There was a lot of involvement from her and she also named the backpack line as ‘ANDERZ,' which we love. These bags really represent her personality and her style and we hope these backpacks bring happiness, colour, fun and love into peoples lives. We are about exploration, individuality and creativity and through this collaboration we joined forces to bring more of that to the World.


The Anderz bags are limited and are now available for Pre-order. Click the images for more information. Enjoy! :-)

Also, if you want to know more about Helen, check her out on the following links below. She is truly amazing and we are glad to be working with her :-








Limited Edition: Anderz Snakeskin

Limited Edition: Anderz Silver