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The High Spirit Auto Bag is Here! :-)

Josh okungbaiye

While designing new bags and coming up with crazy ideas for our latest collection we have also been working on the High Spirit Auto Bag. This has taken us a lot of time and thought, but we think we have cracked it. The reason why we did this was to further push the boundaries of fashion technology and to also increase the security aspect of our bags. Have you ever seen someone walk on the street with their backpacks unzipped and wide open and they didn't even realise? It makes that person a perfect target for pickpockets. It is a common problem that we see everyday. This is the problem we are trying to solve in a cool way. Currently we have patented the technology and we are currently testing it further before we release it for you guys.  For now, click the link below for the video of our auto zipping bag. Enjoy! :-)

By Josh Okungbaiye :-)