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Josh okungbaiye

Travel has many positives; one of the main things is that it exposes you to new and exciting things you would have never experienced at home. In addition, travel does something more life changing; it has the power to change you as person for the better.

Below are the 5 ways Travel changes you. Enjoy! :-)

5 ways travel changes you

(1) Better Perspective

Whatever you are going through. Travel is sure to fix it and give you a little bit more perspective. What may seem like a large challenge will start to look small once you take in your travel experiences and meet more people.

In addition, it’s always great to have your views of the world be challenged and tested. This then makes you more open and more able to see things from another point of view.


(2) Having More Flexibility, Tolerance and Patience

When travelling, things do not always go according to plan. It doesn’t matter how well organised your itinerary may be, things can sometimes go off course. This isn’t always a bad thing. Through such experiences you may discover a new part of a city that you have never heard of. You may even meet and connect with amazing people you would have never met. By having these experiences you will find yourself slowly embracing the spontaneity of life.

Sometimes it is necessary to be taken out of routine and out of your comfort zone. Once you do that, you learn something new and exciting about yourself and the World around you. So try to have patience when things don’t go according to plan. You never know what good fortune may come out of it.


(3) More Knowledgeable

Travel fills in the gaps of knowledge. We all have a deep desire to explore the unknown. Once you begin your journey to explore and get satisfaction from learning something new on your adventure, your thirst for knowledge will grow even more.

If you have always wanted to see an elephant in real life in its habitat, go see it. If you have always wanted to have proper British fish and chips, go do it. It is all part of the learning experience and your personal development.

When you are in a social situation you will be able to confidently share your knowledge with people and maybe inspire someone else to go on an adventure.

sharing knowledge

(4) Travel Makes Your Happier

Travel makes you a happier person by helping you to start appreciating the little things. When you take in an epic view you start to realise that you play a very small part in the vast universe.  And once you realise that, you will think more about the present and embrace and appreciate the little things.

Travel  also enables you to realise how huge and diverse the World is and reminds us to be grateful for who we are and what we have.

happy traveller

(5) Travel Boosts Confidence

Travel makes you a better person overall. If you struggle with self-confidence you will get a life-long boost of confidence when you go on adventure, face your fears and immerse yourself in the moment. Through this, it puts you on a journey to discovering your true self and achieving self-acceptance.

enjoy life

Introducing: The Dragon Range

Josh okungbaiye

We have been going through a lot of changes to make our company even better for you guys. We know that you have stuck with us watching our growth and development. We listened to you guys and our intuition and created an even more evolved theft-proof bag for your journey. Like all our bags, we pay very close attention to detail and craftsmanship to maintain high quality. After months of creative development we took one step further and created the new Dragon range; it was inspired by watching too many seasons of Game of Thrones and watching How To Train A Dragon (Love that movie!). Mythology and the beauty of the imagination are powerful forces. We feel these elements play a huge role in fuelling our curiosity to travel to explore the unfamiliar. We infused these ideas into the design of our bags. In regards to functionality we made sure that it could fit a lot more stuff for your travels, especially laptops for easy access. The normal sized bags can fit a laptop up to 15 inches. We also added a fluorescent dragon skin that reflects in the night so you can be easily seen and stay safe (We kind of geeked out on this because we think it is a pretty cool feature).  Also, we created the mini dragons aswell. Now you all can have your own pet dragon on your back that keeps your stuff safe.  

Introducing the Dragon range available at selected retailers and the Online Shop.

High Spirit Factory Music: Part 6

Josh okungbaiye

As we are in the factory designing more bags for you guys, here is the latest round of music from artists that have inspired us. We hope they inspire you too! :-) - Click on the images to enjoy the music. :-)

Major Key - DJ Khaled

Major Key - DJ Khaled

This is Acting - SIA

This is Acting - SIA

Anti - Rihanna

Anti - Rihanna

I'm Up - Young Thug

I'm Up - Young Thug