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Josh okungbaiye

Travelling to another part of the World is exciting. However, it is always important to stay safe and keep in mind your personal security while you are having fun. While you are travelling, situations may arise unexpectedly that may be out of your control and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared just in case. As we all know, summer is fast approaching and we know that a lot of you guys will be travelling this summer. To help you get prepared, we wanted to give you some useful tools to help you stay safe so we listed our top 5 safety travel apps to help you on your journey.  See below. Enjoy! :-)

(1)    ICE

While on vacation a medical situation may arise. They can be unexpected and it is best to be prepared as much as you can. The ICE app is a very useful tool if such situations arise. The app keeps details about your medical conditions, your insurance information and your doctor's direct contact details. It can also be accessed even if your phone is locked. Everyone should have this app all the time. The app also comes in a number of different languages.


(2)   Tripit

This app enables you to track your itinerary. You can also share your itinerary with your family and friends so they are also aware of your plans and be reassured of your safety. This is useful for just in case you forget or can’t pronounce the name of your destination. 


(3)   iTranslate

This is a dictionary and translation app. It can easily translate texts in over 90 languages. It can also translate your voice phrases. Absolutely genius! Not being able to speak the local language can make you very vulnerable so this app is a powerful tool in empowering you as a tourist and gives you a lot more confidence in navigating the country that you are visiting. Also, if you are in a risky situation and cannot speak the local language the app will help a lot in assisting you in the situation.

(4)   Companion

This app acts like a guardian angel. The app lets your friends and family know that you are on your journey. All you have to do is enter your destination and select your contacts to be your Companions. They don’t even have to have the app installed.  These companions anywhere in the World will see a live map of your progress. It alerts your friends and family and lets them know if something happens to you so they can take action. It’s a great app that puts you at ease and also puts your friends and family at ease wherever you are in the World.

travel together

(5) Safeture

The app provides real-time status on warnings, alerts and security. The app automatically filters warnings and information to you based on your location or your travel destination. The Safeture app has for a number of years provided international businesses and Government organisations with travel security. The app also provides you with emergency information and updates quickly on events that may affect your travel plans and well-being.

Independence Day of USA!

Josh okungbaiye

4th July is Independence Day of the United States of America. It is fast approaching. Americans all over the World will be celebrating the day that the United States of America was founded. For those of you that are unable to travel across the pond to join in the epic celebrations there is no need to worry, the city of London has a lot of American Independence Day events on that you can get involved in. Below is a short list of American themed events. Click the links and images for more information. Enjoy!

Strongroom presents: American Beer Festival 2016

Entry is free and there is a lot of activities going on over a few days! It sounds like it is going to be an unforgettable one!


Date:- Friday July 1st to Sunday 3rd July 2016

Balthazar London

They will be having a USA themed Menu! On Monday, 4 July they state that all those who arrive at the restaurant dressed in both stars AND stripes can enjoy our exclusive set menu on the house! 


Date:- Monday 4th July 2016

Grand Ole Stokey 2nd Annual Independence All-Dayer

There will be a full day (over 10 hours) of live music from a wide range of bands and artists. There will be a BBQ, street performances and entry is completely FREE.


Date:- Saturday 2nd July 2016

4th July Hot-Dog Eating Competition

If you are feeling hungry for competition. Check out the hot-dog eating competition at Blues Kitchen Shoreditch. Click the following the link for more information and to sign up.


Date:- Monday 4th July 2016

Maxwell’s Annual 4th July Celebrations

Check out Maxwell’s and celebrate with them on Independence Day. They will be treating customers to up to 50% off mains with their weekly Monday Madness Deal.


Date:- Monday 4th July 2016