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News, Interviews and recommendations from High Spirit Bags.


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Launch of the High Spirit Essentials Range

Josh okungbaiye

We’ve been super busy, looking at our design and thinking of a better way to serve you guys with our High Spirit Bag design. We love pushing the envelope on design whilst staying simple and practical. We did some soul searching and wanted to make the bags in this range to be the bags you wear every single day. We have created the Essentials range, this range focuses on both style and function, especially for those of you that love to workout, travel frequently and also work on the go.  This is the range that can fit to all situations during your Life journey.

Each bag from the range has its own story. The first bag to be released from the Essential Range is the Essential 1.  Even though we live in a huge city, we are obsessed with the natural world. Through using that inspiration, we decided to push the boundaries a bit more and use python print to make this bag even more epic!

We will be releasing more bags from the range over the next few months. For now, here is the 1st on from range. Hope you guys love it as much as we do :-)

Our Top 5 Travel Bloggers

Josh okungbaiye

These guys are great for travel advice and tips. So we thought we should share them with you. Enjoy! :-)

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten, a Californian native started this amazing blog after quitting her job. Her story is wonderful and inspiring. She also gives wonderful tips on travelling alone, especially in the world of female travel. Her travel tips are also really useful in the world of budget travel, student travel, luxury travel and many more. She caters well to every type of traveller in a fun and engaging way. Her thoughts and experiences are honest, insightful and very valuable. We also love the pictures and videos! It makes us feel like we are sharing her adventure with her first-hand.

Check her out on

Image from The Blonde Abroad's Instagram  @theblondeabroad

Image from The Blonde Abroad's Instagram @theblondeabroad

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is the creator of the Nomadic Matt website. He wrote the New York Times Best-Selling Book - How to Travel the World on $50 a day. His blog is full of fantastic travel tips for a wide range of holiday destinations, but what is most useful is his tips on money management while travelling. This is really important especially if you are a student or someone travelling on a budget. His website is full of wonderful gems of practical travel knowledge that you can use in order to further enhance your travel experience.

Check him out on

Image from Nomadic Matt's Instagram  @nomadicmatt

Image from Nomadic Matt's Instagram @nomadicmatt

Travel Noire

Travel Noire is founded by CEO Zim Ugochukwu. It showcases the wonderful diversity of travellers and their experiences in an enjoyable and insightful way. It is always great to see things from a different perspective and this makes their content so beautiful and refreshing.  We love the fact that it reminds us that the World is all of ours to explore and nobody should feel excluded from experiencing its beauty. It also shows that no matter where you are from or who you are, encouraging yourself to travel is essential and powerful in expanding your human experience.

Check it out

Image from Zim Ugochukwu's Instagram  @zimism

Image from Zim Ugochukwu's Instagram @zimism

Pamela Sendee

We love Pamela Sendee’s blog. She is also the founder of the Humans of Change charity. Her blog beautifully shows her journey around the world whilst spreading love and charity. The way it is written makes you almost feel like you are in her head living out her experiences. The writing style and impactful images make her blog really intimate and relatable.  We are excited to see what is next on her journey.

Check her out on

Image from Pamela Sendee's Instagram  @pamelasendee

Image from Pamela Sendee's Instagram @pamelasendee

Laila Loves

Laila’s blog is amazing! She covers everything from beauty, fashion, lifestyle to travel. Her travel youtube videos and blog posts are beautifully made, honest and fun. You really feel like you are part of her journey all the way through. You also get a deeper insight into her personality and lifestyle, which makes her really relatable. Love it!

Check her out on

Image from Laila Loves' Instagram  @lailaloves

Image from Laila Loves' Instagram @lailaloves

Hope you guys enjoy them! :-)