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Josh okungbaiye

Festival season is upon us. Epic music festivals will be happening all over the World. In the spirit of that we decided to share with you our Top 10 Festival Hacks. See below. Enjoy! :-)

(1) Make your tent stand out

Make a huge flag to attach right next to your tent (it could be a huge beach towel attached to a nearby pole). Alternatively you can attach really bright balloons to your tent so you will be easily able to find your tent.  If you can’t be bothered with the extras, try and get a really colourful tent that helps you stand out from the crowd.

festival tents

(2) Pick a spot

Try to get to the festival as early as you can so you can claim your spot. Make sure it is a spot that is on higher ground. This is to protect your tent and other stuff from getting flooded if it rains heavily. In addition, pick a spot close to something that is memorable so you and your friends can use that spot as a checkpoint just in case you lose each other in the crowds.

music festival

(3) Keep some emergency cash

Not all the shops and food stores in the festival grounds will accept credit cards, so just in case have some cash hidden in your phone case. This hack will also help you to avoid waiting for hours in a queue to use the cash machine.

(4) Bring a reusable water bottle

Bring a reusable water bottle. Bottled water can be so expensive at festivals and you are going to need water to stay hydrated. So to save some money bring a reusable water bottle so you can fill it up at the taps that will be available.  Also, remember that you will be on your feet a lot of the time so there will be times you will be hungry. As a quick solution, bring snack bars, nuts and bananas.

drink water

(5) Carry your Anti-Theft Backpack

Having your anti-theft backpack will always help in keeping your stuff safe from theft and loss while you are out and about enjoying the music and getting lost in the crowds.  This will be very useful for those that don’t want to leave certain important things behind in their tent.

festival tips

(6) Toilets

The queues for festival toilets can be really long, so locate the nearest restaurants and cafes near to the festival and go there instead. Some of the local businesses nearby will have toilets. Due to the fact that you will have your festival wristband, you will be able to come and go as you please. This will give you the opportunity to use the toilet in a less crowded and cleaner environment.

(7) Use Airplane Mode

Setting your smartphone to airplane mode will help your battery save more energy, especially while you are using Snapchat and taking pictures. You will still be able to upload all your snaps and images to social media once you are connected to the Internet. Remember to save that battery energy.

Please Note: Don’t forget to bring a battery pack for your phone.

 (8) Carry a pillowcase

Carrying a pillow will take up too much space in your luggage.  You can simply make a pillow by stuffing a lot of your clothes into your pillowcase and…voila! You have a pillow.

(9) Carry a rubbish phone

By having a non-smartphone (that only calls and texts) you can use that phone as a back-up/emergency phone just in case your smartphone runs out of battery and you need to call your friends or home.

(10) Leave Early

Make sure you wake up really early so you can pack all your stuff and leave the location before it gets extremely crowded with everyone trying to leave. Try and make a swift escape.

music festival fun

Notting Hill Carnival: Top 10 Safety Tips for Carnival.

Josh okungbaiye


Notting Hill Carnival is fast approaching. This is a time where we see multicultural London come alive. Over 1 million people attend and it is crazy busy with food, bright colours, wonderful outfits, and amazing music! If you haven’t been to Carnival before you HAVE got to go! At least once in your Life. It is more than a massive street party; it is an experience worth having.  The Notting Hill Carnival will take place from the 29th August till the 30th August 2015.

Even though Carnival is a lot of fun, it is important to be safe. Due to the large amount of people there will be a lot of pickpockets so it is important to protect your possessions. We have written down the Top Ten Safety Tips that work for us everytime. Check them out below:-


1.     Attend Carnival in a group. Remember that there is safety is numbers. 


2.     Agree to meet with your friends and family at a specific location, perhaps the closest train station. It is really easy to lose your friends and family in the crowd so constantly check to make sure everybody is still within distance.


3.     Get some money out beforehand and keep it somewhere safe. Cash machines will have really long queues and will be extremely busy.


4.     Don’t carry too much cash.


5.     Don’t carry too much stuff.


6.     Don’t wear anything too flashy. Avoid pickpockets by keeping all valuables zipped in your bag safe and out of sight.


7.     Drink plenty of water and bring sunscreen just in case.


8.     Plan your journey in advance. The London Underground on that day will be mayhem so search in advance the easiest and safest route for you to get home.


9.     Walk with the crowd; don’t go against the flow of the crowd.


10. There will be a lot of police at Carnival, so if you have any issues or concerns just ask them and they will be happy to help.