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Josh okungbaiye

More and more people are travelling solo as a way for self-discovery and character development. It's fantastic to explore and see what the World has to offer, but its important to stay safe out there. We know that for some of you, this may be your first time travelling to another country alone. Just to help you out, here are our top 10 tips for female solo travellers. Enjoy! :-)

(1) Only use Official Taxis

Check with the information point, the airport officials or hotel information point and find out where the official taxis are. Do not go into a taxi that you have not called for.

(2) Arrive in the daytime

Arrive in the daytime; there will be a lot more people walking around that can help you.  Also, trying to find your way around a city you have never been to is a lot less scary in the daytime.

(3) Learn the places to avoid

Research the city or country you will be visiting in advance. Find out which parts of the city are safe to stay in. Do not compromise your safety just to save money. Make sure you have travel insurance, take the taxi instead of walking at night. Be very vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

(4) Photocopy your travel documents

Losing your passport or flight tickets is a common problem and can ruin your vacation. To avoid this, make sure to have photocopies of your passport, flight tickets and any other important documentation. Put a copy, in your bag, in your purse, in your hotel room or have it saved in your phone. You never know when you might need it.

(5) Avoid giving away personal information

While travelling solo, you will meet a lot of interesting people. Remember to be vigilant and do not let strangers know what hotel you are staying in. Also, do not tell the person you are alone.

(6) Check out travel alerts

Check for any travel alerts in the country you will be visiting and look out for any alerts on wars or any other state of emergency situations. In addition, research the common crimes and scams in the country so you are well prepared and watchful.

(7) Dressing Requirements

Some countries are a lot stricter than others in terms of dressing. Before you travel check on the dressing requirements for that country or city and dress accordingly.

(8) Listen to the Locals

If locals or hotel staff tells you to not go to a certain area because it is dangerous. Do not go. In more nuanced situations, always follow your gut.

(9) Act Confident

Even though you may be unsure of yourself at times. Always act confident and assertive, it will make you less of a target.

(10) Let people know where you are

Visiting a new country or city is very exciting and you can get so caught up in the fun that you forget to update your


Josh okungbaiye

We had the pleasure of photographing Kirby. She moved to London a few years ago and she is already making major waves in the modelling and fitness world. She is full of energy and is always smiling and we are sure we will be seeing more of her doing her thing and taking over the World! Meet Kirby! :-) 


The opportunities. If I'd never have moved to London I really don't think that I'd have been able to experience half of the things that I have. You really don't know what's going to come your way next, which makes it all the more exciting.


There are three places that are at the top of my list... Australia, as I hear that the fitness scene out there is amazing and the weather doesn't look so bad! ;) Nigeria because when people find out that I'm part Nigerian they always ask if I've been and one day I would like to turn around and say yes! Finally I'd have to say LA, mainly because I think it could be good for me career-wise out there. 


For a quick bite I'd say Planet Organic and for date night it has to be Sushi Samba


Exercising and sunbathing! Unfortunately I don't get to do much of the latter in London, but if the sun's out, you won't catch me indoors! I also love spending time with good people. drinking cocktails, watching the sun set and writing. 


Eat at Sushi Samba, run down the Thames and picnic at the viewpoint in Greenwich park (if you like a good view then you won't be disappointed).

Notting Hill Carnival: Top 10 Safety Tips for Carnival.

Josh okungbaiye


Notting Hill Carnival is fast approaching. This is a time where we see multicultural London come alive. Over 1 million people attend and it is crazy busy with food, bright colours, wonderful outfits, and amazing music! If you haven’t been to Carnival before you HAVE got to go! At least once in your Life. It is more than a massive street party; it is an experience worth having.  The Notting Hill Carnival will take place from the 29th August till the 30th August 2015.

Even though Carnival is a lot of fun, it is important to be safe. Due to the large amount of people there will be a lot of pickpockets so it is important to protect your possessions. We have written down the Top Ten Safety Tips that work for us everytime. Check them out below:-


1.     Attend Carnival in a group. Remember that there is safety is numbers. 


2.     Agree to meet with your friends and family at a specific location, perhaps the closest train station. It is really easy to lose your friends and family in the crowd so constantly check to make sure everybody is still within distance.


3.     Get some money out beforehand and keep it somewhere safe. Cash machines will have really long queues and will be extremely busy.


4.     Don’t carry too much cash.


5.     Don’t carry too much stuff.


6.     Don’t wear anything too flashy. Avoid pickpockets by keeping all valuables zipped in your bag safe and out of sight.


7.     Drink plenty of water and bring sunscreen just in case.


8.     Plan your journey in advance. The London Underground on that day will be mayhem so search in advance the easiest and safest route for you to get home.


9.     Walk with the crowd; don’t go against the flow of the crowd.


10. There will be a lot of police at Carnival, so if you have any issues or concerns just ask them and they will be happy to help.