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Josh okungbaiye

More and more people are travelling solo as a way for self-discovery and character development. It's fantastic to explore and see what the World has to offer, but its important to stay safe out there. We know that for some of you, this may be your first time travelling to another country alone. Just to help you out, here are our top 10 tips for female solo travellers. Enjoy! :-)

(1) Only use Official Taxis

Check with the information point, the airport officials or hotel information point and find out where the official taxis are. Do not go into a taxi that you have not called for.

(2) Arrive in the daytime

Arrive in the daytime; there will be a lot more people walking around that can help you.  Also, trying to find your way around a city you have never been to is a lot less scary in the daytime.

(3) Learn the places to avoid

Research the city or country you will be visiting in advance. Find out which parts of the city are safe to stay in. Do not compromise your safety just to save money. Make sure you have travel insurance, take the taxi instead of walking at night. Be very vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

(4) Photocopy your travel documents

Losing your passport or flight tickets is a common problem and can ruin your vacation. To avoid this, make sure to have photocopies of your passport, flight tickets and any other important documentation. Put a copy, in your bag, in your purse, in your hotel room or have it saved in your phone. You never know when you might need it.

(5) Avoid giving away personal information

While travelling solo, you will meet a lot of interesting people. Remember to be vigilant and do not let strangers know what hotel you are staying in. Also, do not tell the person you are alone.

(6) Check out travel alerts

Check for any travel alerts in the country you will be visiting and look out for any alerts on wars or any other state of emergency situations. In addition, research the common crimes and scams in the country so you are well prepared and watchful.

(7) Dressing Requirements

Some countries are a lot stricter than others in terms of dressing. Before you travel check on the dressing requirements for that country or city and dress accordingly.

(8) Listen to the Locals

If locals or hotel staff tells you to not go to a certain area because it is dangerous. Do not go. In more nuanced situations, always follow your gut.

(9) Act Confident

Even though you may be unsure of yourself at times. Always act confident and assertive, it will make you less of a target.

(10) Let people know where you are

Visiting a new country or city is very exciting and you can get so caught up in the fun that you forget to update your

Top 3 places to visit in October

Josh okungbaiye

Turkey - Antalya

Turkey is increasingly becoming one of the hotspots for early autumn. Antalya specifically is enjoying being known as a popular destination. If you are not quite ready to accept the cold oncoming autumn weather you can delay it by visiting Antalya and enjoying its average temperature of 21 degrees. It is recommended that you check out Perge, which is the closest Roman ruin to Antalya. You can also get lost in history by also visiting Aspendos, Termessos and Side.

Near the resort of Side is Manavgat waterfalls. This is an amazing place to spend the day relaxing and capturing some epic selfies. There are plenty of garden cafes that provide refreshments and there are gift shops that are open all the time. If you want to see more of nature’s wonderful waterfalls, head to the bigger Duden waterfalls within the city of Antalya. It is truly a wonderful resort city that has more than enough to offer so you can enjoy your trip.

Italy - Rome

Rome has never failed to deliver; we think it will always remain a tourist hotspot no matter what time of the year it is. During the October months the weather in Rome is very mild, and the average sea temperature is about 22 degrees, which is warm enough to have a lovely dip in the ocean during your holiday.

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Get lost in enjoying the food, culture and art. Check out the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj for amazing artwork. Check out the Colosseum and the other tourist attractions such as The Sistine Chapel, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and many more all within the city. During this time of the year it will not be crowded, so you will be able to gain easy access to the popular tourist attractions with minimal waiting time and fuss.

USA - New Orleans

New Orleans is the place to be in October. The city is awash with cultural offerings and of course plenty of festivals. Also, the weather during this time is at 26 degrees. So it will still feel like you are right in the middle of summer.

From the 1st - 2nd October the Treme Fall Festival takes place. All weekend you can enjoy the local music and food of the celebrated New Orleans neighbourhood. The festival is a donation-based event, created to raise money for the local community. 

Hell Yes Fest takes place on 6th - 16th October. It is a huge comedy event in New Orleans, featuring well known comics such as Sarah Silverman, Nick Swardson, Alice Wetterlund and many more. 

The Voodoo Music and Arts Experience happens on the 28th - 30th October. It is the last huge music festival of the year. The Weeknd, G-Eazy, Lost Kings and many more will be performing. It is set to be another epic one!

There is also the New Orleans Film Festival, which takes place from the 12th - 20th October. They will also be celebrating their 27th Year Anniversary so it set to be a huge one. Be sure to catch a flight and head out to New Orleans.